What is MAWARN?

Massachusetts WARN (Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network) allows public water and wastewater systems in Massachusetts to receive rapid mutual aid and assistance from other public systems in Massachusetts to restore services damaged by natural or man-made incidents. Public utilities sign the MAWARN standard agreement (may download on the right), which then allows them to share resources with any other public system in Massachusetts that has also signed the standard agreement. 

Why do we need MAWARN?

Water and wastewater systems provide our communities with a life-sustaining resource that is of vital importance to maintaining public health, sanitation, and safety. When water and wastewater services are interrupted for extended periods of time, a community’s well-being quickly deteriorates, as evidenced by Hurricane Katrina. And without adequate water supply, our communities are vulnerable to devastating fires. By restoring water and wastewater service in the most efficient manner possible, MAWARN provides renewed hope for fast recovery from such disasters.

Who can participate?

MAWARN is available to all public water and wastewater systems in Massachusetts. Participation is voluntary, and is not mandated by any local, state, or federal regulation. There is no fee to participate in the program.

What role does the agreement play?

During an emergency, the process and procedures to give and receive mutual aid and assistance are governed by the articles in the MAWARN agreement. The agreement covers issues such as requesting assistance, giving assistance, reimbursement, worker’s compensation, and dispute resolution. You may download the agreement on the right of this page.

Current Members

The MAWARN currently has 116 members. You may view a full list by clicking on the link on the right of this page. Updates are sent to members on a regular basis.